Irrigation Advice Application

IrrigAdvice is simple-to-use application which provides information about irrigation timing and amount of irrigation water needs. The application gives the information on when to irrigate and in what amount.

Scientific principles

Our solution reflects well established scientific principles.
IrrigAdvice integrates information from weather forecasting, agronomy and optimization algorithms and is based on:

Weather forecast

Using high-quality high-resolution weather forecast on local level.

Soil moisture measurements

Using tensiometer.

Soil type

Provided by user or using predefined high-resolution soil map.

Deficit irrigation strategy

Based on plant phenological phase and varying level of plant's response to drought stress during different phenological stages.

The application

Multiple plant types

Crops, vegetables and trees. Additional ones can be simply added.

Responsive design

Works on desktop, mobile and tablets.

Detailed manual

Detailed explanations are provided in a printer-friendly pdf.


Intuitive to use with visual guide.

Additional info

Forecasted water balance with and without recommended irrigation, precipitation, evapotranspiration and temperature forecast.


How can IrrigAdvice help your business

1 + 30 %

Average yield


Yield quality

3 - 30 %

Irrigation costs



About Us

SME from Slovenia, working on ICT, focusing mainly on weather and agriculture related products since 2010.

Small and agile group of experts in meteorology, agronomy and computer science with good connections in academia.

Involved in 4 EU projects and in several other projects.

Authors and co-authors of many international scientific publications.

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